Reindeer Roundup 2019
'Twas the night before Christmas
And wouldn't you know—
Not a one freakin' reindeer
Was ready to go!
Alright, Santa. Here we go again. Year after year, Christmas Eve arrives, and year after year, you have to track down your reindeer.

... welp, better get to it.
The Reindeer
Dasher & Dancer
Prancer & Vixen
Comet & Cupid
Donner & Blitzen
(Note: You'll have a much easier time with Rudolph after you've rounded up the other eight.)
Roundup Notes
In each puzzle, your goal is to come up with an appropriate word or phrase.
The answers to the first four puzzles are used in the fifth puzzle, which yields a word or phrase just like the others. Solving the fifth puzzle, called a metapuzzle, means you've completed the puzzle hunt!
You are welcome to lean on any resources you'd like during the roundup—Google included!
If you're having trouble of any kind, please don't hesitate to contact the helper elves at .
Good luck!