Max Woghiren

Here's what I'm up to right now. (This page was last updated on November 10th, 2019.)


My wife Hayley and I are raising our two sons, Finnegan (three years) and Elliot (a year and eight months).

Finn's number one activity is hiding. In particular, hiding under the dining room table after announcing that that's where he's going to hide. He can identify chess pieces by name, but his preferred game is to pretend the knights are doctors and the bishops are sick.

Elliot just got his first haircut and strangely tolerated it, as though he understood its necessity. He also copies Finn's every movement and utterance.


I'm a software engineer at PAX Labs.





I'm an album looper. I get really into a few albums at a time and devour them.

Right now, though, it's still just Edit Peptide by Bubblemath, forever and ever. It's dense, complex, and astoundingly well-written.

Oh, also Four by Forq. For me, the perfect working music.