Max Woghiren

Here's what I'm up to right now. (This page was last updated on May 27th, 2020.)


My wife Hayley and I are raising our two sons, Finnegan (4 in August) and Elliot (2 and a bit).

Finn's journey into the world of chess is in its early stages. He can name the pieces and set up the board. Grandmaster designation incoming (once he figures out how bishops move)!

Elliot is a total joker. His favorite thing is to replace words with other words to get a reaction. Okay, no, his favorite thing is elephants. And peacocks.


I'm a software engineering manager and tech lead at PAX Labs.





I'm an album looper. I get really into a few albums at a time and devour them.

Currently, it's Sing to God by Cardiacs.

Other recent favorites are Edit Peptide by Bubblemath and Play Back by Space Art.