Max Woghiren

Here's what I'm up to right now. (This page was last updated on September 24, 2018.)


My wife Hayley and I are raising our two sons, Finnegan (two years) and Elliot (six months).

Finn's favorite question is "What are you talking about?". So that's fun.

Elliot's favorite food is pear. He says "dadada" all the time, definitely in reference to me.


My business partner Kamil and I are just wrapping up a microsite for a client to help them gather statistics on user shopping and browsing patterns.


Much of my recreational time goes to puzzling. Construction-wise, I'm working on two variety cryptics:

I'm also working on my first American-style crossword, which I'm hoping to have published in the New York Times.

I'm also an avid boardgamer (as avid as having two young kids will allow, anyway). The only game I've been playing much recently is Android: Netrunner, my favorite game of all time.

I'm an album looper. I get really into a few albums at a time and devour them. My current victims:

I've got a bit of a Steam backlog going. My games of the moment: