Max Woghiren

Here's what I'm up to right now. (This page was last updated on November 18, 2017.)


My wife Hayley and I are raising our fifteen-month-old son, Finnegan. He's a lightning-fast bum-scooter, and is just starting to make his way towards walking.

Also, Finnegan's getting a little sibling in March! We'll be moving to Oshawa, Ontario in February 2018, just before his or her arrival.


Our current client is undergoing a project to migrate from PHP/Magento to Ruby/Solidus. I'm building out a back end for a subscription service.


Much of my recreational time goes to puzzling.

A friend and I just finished the wonderful Puzzle Boat 4.

My third variety cryptic should be finished by the end of November. My fourth should soon follow, ideally finished by the end of the year.

Following that, I'm hoping to compose a small puzzle hunt, possibly for Puzzled Pint.

Finally, some more smaller, more general things I'm up to: